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Comprehensive furniture painting plant equipment

Closed type modular constructions made of prepainted steel sandwich panels.
Insulations and booth construction ensures minimal heat losses.

Air recirculating system creates overpressure inside the booths which prevents dust infiltration from exteral environment. Air at working area is preheated and passes 2-staged dust filtration. Air heating provided by hot water heat exchangers. This heating type is most common for furniture industry.

Extracted air is filtered by high efficiency dry filters.

Complex includes separate zones with independent ventilation system and air heating allowing carrying out the following:
  • - priming
  • - prime coat drying
  • - prime coat grinding
  • - finishing
  • - finishing coat drying
  • - polishing
  • - finised goods paking
  • - paints and materials storing and paint mixing
Additionally heat recirculation system is installed.

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