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Paint booth for electric trains

Max. wagon size 28.8х3.4х3.24m
Booth inner size 34.02х6.72х7.56m

To reduce operation costs the booth has 3-areas air processing system, heat recirculation system, automatic air pressure control system, air humidity control system.

Paint booth includes:

  • Rolling gate with inspection windows 5.0 x 6.5 m.

  • 5 personell access doors.

  • Staged lighting system - 16740 W. 

  • Fitering system – 3-staged dry filtering with charcoal.

  • 2 air inlet units, capacity 43,000 m3/h each, fans power 15 kW, natural gas heated, heat power 720 kW each.

  • 2 air extraction units, capacity 43,000 m3/h, fans power 15 kW.

  • Touch screen control panels.

Total electric power consumption - 82 kW, heat power - 1440 kW.

Paint booth is equipped with pneumatic lifting platforms for processing top sides of wagons.

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